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Louisiana's income tax ranges from 2% to 6%. This page has the latest Louisiana brackets and tax rates, plus a Louisiana income tax calculator. Income tax tables and other tax information is sourced from the Louisiana Department of Revenue.


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El Mariachi de la Policía Federal en la Ciudad de México

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All four of our Office's divisions, National SecurityCriminalCiviland Taxlook forward to continued service in the best interests of the District.

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Our Criminal Division also remains vigilant to other threats to public safety in the District. We continue our efforts to disrupt and dismantle violent criminal street gangs, major drug trafficking organizations, and drug cartels that are federal for supplying much of the illegal narcotics distributed in the Central District and for the violent crime that accompanies this narcotics trafficking.

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And we maintain our heightened focus on investigating and prosecuting health care frauds, federal crimes, and public corruption offenses across the District. To accomplish this, we have added content to this website to try and improve our ability to interact with you, our clients. We seek to understand and serve the federal of these residents, and the many diverse communities in which they live.