Making friends in Milan

Dome ceiling for the shopping centre

Making friends in Milan

I’m super far behind with my post writing after my tablet was out of action for a few days. We are currently in Venice right now and I realised I still need to update everyone on our time in Milan. Long story short – it was epic. The hostel we stayed in was very friendly and cool in an artsy kinda way, Milan was very chilled out and beautiful and we also made loads of friends from across the world. All in all a successful stay I’d say.

So I’m going to keep this post relatively short mainly because I am having far to much fun to be blog post writing for the second night in a row! It may not seem like hard work but I’m definitely not a naturally gifted writer so these posts really do take me a while.

Anyway, we arrived in Milan around 8pm after nearly missing our flight from Paris (damn you train strikes). For some reason, even  though I am normally the chilled one, I was on the precipice of a full scale melt down in the train station but we did luckily make it on time. When we finally got to the hostel we were greeted by Milan’s friendliest man who offered us a free drink as we completed the hostel forms – I already knew I was going to love this hostel. We checked in, took our bags upstairs and marvelled at the fact we actually had a bathroom within the dorm room, what a treat! We grabbed some food and had a fairly early night.

The following day I had a Skype interview around 2pm so I decided to stay in for the morning while Gemma went out to explore some of the city. In the evening we went with our new South Korean friend Seonheui  to a small Italian restaurant near our hotel where we enjoyed some tasty pasta.


Milan Pasta


The following day we headed to see the Duomo which was pretty but not unlike other buildings we had seen already. Gemma was posing for a picture when this man came out of nowhere and started sprinkling bird feed on her which made about every pigeon in Milan fly towards her. I’ve never seen such an angry reaction!

We wondered into the posh shopping area which had a huge glass dome roof and was lined with shops like Chanel, Gucci and something else.





Versace Milan





After browsing the windows for things we absolutely cannot afford, we decided to head to the park as it was a nice day, stopping briefly for a gelato on the way.



Gelato in Milan


The park was beautiful and full of people relaxing in the sun. I bought what I thought was a blueberry slushy which turned out to taste like licorice. I had one sip and decided it was awful and offered it to two English guys standing next to us. To my surprise the man was English and said “well let’s try and get you another one”. With that he handed back to the Italian man behind the counter whilst saying in a Northern accent “no like -melon please”. We found this hilarious and even more surprising was that it worked and I was on my merry way with the melon slushy.





Milan Park

After wondering through the park we headed back to the hotel and hung out in the communal area which was called the “chill room”. We met some really cool people from across the world, enjoyed some games of fuzball and ended up dancing on the couches to Justin Timberlake’s new song! It was a pretty good ending to our time in Milan.


The Chill room crew

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