Meeting “Coco” in Budapest

The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest

Meeting “Coco” in Budapest

After dramatically waving Gemma goodbye in Berlin, I headed on a plane to Budapest to meet my Mum. I waited patiently at the arrivals gate in Budapest airport with my paper sign across which “Coco” (my nickname for her) was written in scribbly eyeliner.

Once reunited, we managed to navigate the Budapest metro with relative ease and arrived at our stunning apartment in the city centre shortly after. This was total luxury compared to the hostels I had been staying in and right underneath was a lovely Italian restaurant which we ate in that night.



Mum and I dining at the Italian restaurant under our apartment


The following day we explored the main tourist area and caught the bus to the castle where we saw the stunning Fisherman’s Bastion. The light grey building sits on a hill above the city and offers amazing views over Budapest, including that of the impressive parliament buildings.


The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest



View of the Parliament Building from the Fisherman's Bastion



One of the many beautiful statues that sit upon Budapest Castle Hill



Church building on the castle hill


We explored the area and arrived at Buda Castle within which there was a Picaso exhibition being held. My Mum is very interested in art and loves galleries and exhibitions so we decided to have a look. Though Picaso is not my style of art it was interesting to see his works and learn about his life (he was a total player btw!)

After the exhibition we headed back to the city centre, walking over the Chain Bridge which has some bad-ass Lion Statues. The centre of Budapest was filled with expensive shops and nice places to eat and drink. We also came across some interesting statues.


 I do like policemen ...


St Stephen's Bascilica, Budapest


The following day we decided to go on the hunt for the Botanical Gardens. Armed with google maps, I navigated our way onto a tram and a bus which led us to a quiet park. After searching for the gardens for around 30 minutes we decided to ask a local who’s reply was “I have lived here all my life and I didn’t know we even had a botanic garden”. Needless to say our efforts were fruitless so we stopped for a drink at a small pub/cafe before heading back into the centre. As we were slightly out of the main tourist area, communicating was a little more difficult and this resulted in me accidentally ordering a pint of wine for my Mum.


Even my Mum can't handle a pint of wine


Thankfully Coco didn’t get too wasted on the wine as we had planned to go to the thermal baths. We spent a few hours relaxing in the baths and came out feeling refreshed and “healed”.  After the baths we visited Heroe’s Square before heading to an all you can eat and DRINK buffet (yummmm!).


Heroes Square in Budapest


The following day we had to catch the bus to Bratislava in the neighbouring country of Slovakia. I have to say that the 10 euro bus we got absolutely blew Megabus out of the water. It had free hot drinks and TV’s on each seat which had movies, games and music – I felt like I was on a long-haul flight!

Anyway, Budapest was a cool place with beautiful buildings and a good vibe. I would definitely go backfor a pint of wine or two.

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