My name is Caitlin Murphy and I am a freelance graphic and web designer from Aberdeen, Scotland.


I love all things creative and have enjoyed travelling to new places for as long as I can remember – so you can imagine the decision to run a travel blog was an easy one to make. This small space on the web is my pride and joy.  A place where I can document things, which were once daydreams, as they become reality. Where I can share with my friends and family, experiences that will stay with me a lifetime and where I can offer advice and tips to other people who share my love of travel.


As a child,  I was very lucky to have opportunities to travel a lot. My parents were great at taking my brother and I away. From visiting our grandparents at their holiday home in Portugal to sailing through the French canals on my Dad’s boat, we went on many adventures , met many new people and saw some wonderful things.

Caitlin Murphy
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Growing older, I continued to travel where possible,  mainly taking short breaks to cities in Europe but rarely venturing out of the continent. It was always in the back of my mind that one day I would do some travelling further afield but after university, starting my career seemed like the logical next step. Before I knew it, travelling had been put on the back burner and being successful in my career seemed like the most important thing.


When my partner and I spoke about buying a house I realised that I was well on the way to settling down and my dreams of travelling would only get more difficult. So I made the decision to take some time out to explore parts of the world that I have wanted to visit for a long time.


Follow me on my adventures as I share my experiences (both good and bad) throughout the globe and don’t forget to comment with your feedback, advice or questions!